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Thread: Sarrcenia germination

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    Sarrcenia germination

    I have had successful germination of seed that I had collected last season and kept refrigerated but didn't stratify. This past spring I straified them and planted. I now have growing S. purp "semiveinless" x S. Purp "semiveinless" (2 different plants), S. Flava v ornata x S. Flava v ornata (2 different plants) and for the fun of it S. purp semiveinless x S ornata. I'm not sure if I wrote that last one correctly. The purp was the pollen parent and the ornata was the pod parent.

    The purp seeds are from the same batches (I had three total pods) as the seed I donated to the auction this year.
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    Congratulations! Sounds like some nice plants. I think the ornata goes first if it was the mom.

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