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Thread: Random pollination question

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    Random pollination question

    I have never collected seed from any of my plants and now have a quick question in regards to pollination. I have one of the "lovely" purpurea 'smurf' plants that is current in dormancy in the cold garage under some cfls with other plants. It is forming a flower bud at the crown... so I want to try our some crosses with this one to see what happens.

    1- do sarr flowers make enough pollen to go around? (Ie: cross with multiple other sarrs and still have some left over for self pollination)
    2- do people ever pollinate a portion of the stigmas on a single flower with one variety and the other stigmas with a different variety? Just wondering....

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    1) With a healthy plant one flower probably generates enough pollen to pollinate several hundreds of flowers.

    2) I've never heard of anyone doing this. I suppose it can be done. It would be tricky keeping track of each ovary - I suppose you could paint them different colors. Opening each capsule individually to keep from mixing the seed would be tricky too. If you wait too long the capsules will split open potentially mixing seed. Keeping the pollen pure for each cross will add further difficulty.
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