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For some reason I am now finding that the start of autumn is when my plants start to keel over!
Last week my big nutans giant collapsed along with another tequila! Them today I find my big woody tatei going limp & shrivelled. NOOOOO!

Both the nutans & tequila were completely rotten at the base- though a few pitchers were still looking good. So did not pick up the problem as quickly as I should. The tatei had looked really good on Monday and had intended to photograph it. With this plant the base of the plant & roots still looked ok. And even after cutting up have still to find any rot. I will pot up these two sections of the woody stem and see how they go. None of these plants were together and particulary the tatei had been growing well.


From my personnal experience, its a water+light problem.

When i look at your picture, your heli do not get enough light. The plant is very green.

Light = energy, so when you dont throw enough light, the plant cannot deal with minor infections and this can take over your heliamphora.
So for me, your issue is clearly a lack of light+lack of ventilation.

Of course, like i said, i speak from my own experience.
Feel free to disprove!