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Thread: Cephalotus pollination pictorial

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    Cephalotus pollination pictorial

    I had the opportunity to experiment on cephalotus pollination and a fellow grower wanted some pictures. Here you go:

    Flowering - let the games begin!

    Once a day, when I had a moment to spare, I used a soft small brush to transfer the ripe yellow pollen to a receptive stigma. I dabbed the center and all around the star shape. If you are unsure, dab some more for good measure. The stigma would become receptive between 4-10 days after the pollen ripened.

    Voilą!Babies are on the way

    And a reminder, do not perform experimental surgery when past one's expiry. This might result in castration.
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    very nice pokie, Ill have to give it a try next time I have one in flower


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