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Thread: would this pot work for cephalotus?

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    Quote Originally Posted by theplantman View Post
    What I see as advantages for AV pots:
    1) Insulates root zone with the double wall, keeps roots cool
    2) Soil stays saturated and evenly moist, good for sundews
    3) Purty!

    1) Hard to fill with overhead water (I have too many plants and it's labor-intensive!)
    2) Soil splashing and washing out is kind of an issue
    3) Hard to find AV pots bigger than 4" and if you do they're expensive
    4) IME they stay too waterlogged for VFTs... I haven't tried Cephs in them but to me it seems like you're asking for trouble. I would make sure you have a good soil mix that'll stay aerated!

    I get great capillary rise with 1:1 peat/sand as well. Works awesome for dews and I personally would think twice about using it for other stuff. However, I do not micromanage any of my plants and if you are, say, using it inside a terrarium where you micromanage the water level it might work!

    yea trying to find a nice tall pot that isnt 30-40+ $ is looking to be impossible

    SO could I just slack pot until I find a good AV pot?
    its for seed/seedlings by the way, so I was thinking about chopping LFS and mixing it with perlite for media
    any opinions help
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