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Thread: My New Cobra Den

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    The cedar chips are throughout the media. In the past I have used fir bark in more or less equal parts with the standard 1:1 perlite and peat mix, but this time I didn't want to pay for that much fir bark. #Cheap***** Cedar chips have extended longevity compared to most woods, hopefully at least as long as fir bark. I also figured since cobras naturally grow near redwoods it isn't the worst choice in media.

    That said, I am a bit nervous about it. We will see what happens... :S

    In general terms, I follow Jeff Dallas's recommendation of an aggregate-rich peat-based mix. It yielded much success last year. Theoretically anything that doesn't break down or poison The peat should work.

    All is topped with live sphagnum. I will try to get better pictures today.
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