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Thread: How do I plant these flat cobra lilies?

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    How do I plant these flat cobra lilies?

    I ordered a cobra lily online and got these two little plants. They're....flat, as if they were the last two plants left smooshed against the side of a pot or terrarium. Most of the pitchers are pretty much growing at a right angle to the roots. Do cobra lillies' roots grow horizontally instead of vertically? That's the only way this could make any sense. Even if so, some of the pitchers are growing at angles that still wouldn't make sense.
    My phone and camera have both bit the dust these past couple weeks so I can't post photos yet.
    Also, one of the plants has two stolons an inch long on either side with two small plantlets already going. I thought the stolons were suppose to grow much longer than an inch before sending up plantlets.
    At any rate, in what direction should I direct the end of the rhizome where the roots are coming out: downwards or sideways? Either way there's going to be at least a couple pitchers that'll be pushed into the dirt or cut off.
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    The roots do like to grow horizontally so you don't really need to use deep pots for Darlingtonia. I would plant them in a direction such that most of the pitchers face up.

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