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Thread: Inside or outside?

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    hey there peeps! well i gots some sars from the grab bag sale and at first i kept them inside in my mini greenhouse. then i just moved them outside and the cute little (3-6 in) pitchers seem to have been blown around by the wind (the devil). they now droop and look beat. what the heck should i dooooooo!!!!?? move em back inside or will they gey used to their new enviroment? thanx fer your help
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    Even though some of the pitchers are knock down by the wind, I still leave them outside. In some cases, if some sarracenia get too tall, just make supports for it to prevent future knock downs.

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    hi death!
    fwiw, i leave my sarr's outside. they will adjust to the humidity levels outside in time. if i know that we are about to have a big storm, i will try to move them to a location that will protect them from the winds. for the most part, they just sit outside on my driveway in a tray of water, and seem to be doing quite well!

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