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Thread: Humidity

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    Which pitcher plants can take low humidity enviornments? I live in New Mexico and so far I have 2 vft's growing on my windowsill and I was looking for a pitcher plant to add the their mini bog.

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    I think most Sarracenia can handle the low humidity pretty well. I'm in Salt Lake City and grow most of my plants outdoors during the summer and they do well enough (I realize they'd probably look much better if I lived in their native areas, but...). I try to do other things, though, that hopefully create a "micro-climate" around the plants that'll have a bit higher humidity. I think a healthy lawn and garden surrounding the plants helps, and I often water the immediately surrounding areas with the hose in the morning or on hot afternoons to help with evaporation. Also, keeping them out of windy spots is very important in such a low humidity climate.
    As for Nepenthes, the only thing I've ever been able to do to create high enough humidity is to cover them with a bag or grow them in terrariums.
    Good luck!

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