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Thread: Ant problem in house are sarracenias the answer?

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    If you really just want to get rid of the ants in the house, then Sarracenia is right. Get the ant discs. I suspect they are boric acid like you use for roaches. The deal is the stuff sticks to the ants and they carry it back to their "home" where it kills the other ants. I had a terrible problem with little black ants in my pantry once and the little black ant discs did wonders. Never saw a one after that. (And let me tell you those little buggers have dirty feet because they left black trails EVERYWHERE). Ugh.

    Using a CP, you might catch a few ants but you won't stop the ant problem any more than setting out flytraps will get rid of all your flies. If you are concerned about relocating your CPs and the impact, then I wouldn't risk it.

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    Guys, A true handyman will use.............Duct Tape (Ducktape). *It is the all purpose handymans tool. *A barrier of duct tape (sticky side out) will stop the little beasts in their tracks. *Ha! Red Green hasn't even thought of this one! When your hot your hot!

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    Use ant bait poison. *That will kill the queen and eliminate the source of the ants that are the problem.
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