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Thread: Bare root sarrs

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    I received my bare root sarrs from Petflytrap about 3-4 weeks ago. I got the following:

    S. Judith Hindle
    S. Catesbaei
    S. Wrigleyana
    S. Leucophylla "Tarnok"
    S. Leucophylla "Red"

    I have them all in a 1:1 peat moss/perlite mixture. They are in an 8" pot with drainage holes within another 10" pot with no drainage hole.

    I went on vacation for several days after potting them 3 weeks ago. Knowing that it would be hot (So. California summer), I filled the 10" pot with O.R. water about 4 inches below the soil surface of the 8" pot to insure the soil would not go dry.

    As of today, both S. Leucophylla are doing well with at least two new leaves each growing. The other 3 sarrs are not as good:

    The S. wrigleyana had no growth and looks dried up.

    The S. Judith Hindle actually arrived as two plants with their roots all intermixed. I potted them together as one. One of the plant looks dried, while the other still have some green life to it, but no growth either.

    The S. Catesbaei has no growth, but it is not dried and dead looking as the S. Wrigleyana.

    My questions: What have I done wrong? Does the S. Leucophylla survive better in very wet soil? Is there any hope for the sarrs that actually looks dried and dead?

    Other than growing S. Purpurea, this was the first time growing other sarrs for me. So treat my answers as a newbie

    Thanks for any advice

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    Sounds like you've done everything right. All Sarrs will thrive in pretty much the same conditions. Some of the plants may have been shocked by the shipping process, in which case growth may not resume until next year. Dried up leaves are not a problem, as long as the rhizome is still healthy. If that's all dried up too, I doubt the plant is alive any more.

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    Don't worry. My bare root plants I got from pft about the same time as you are just now starting to show new growth. My plants arrived after June 4th. I will have to check the dates on my tags later for an exact date.

    As long as the rhisomes have not dried up, the plants should be just fine. I Have removed many old dried pitchers from my plants over the last few weeks. I think all will be fine if your rhisomes are not dried up. I will try to find my picture of my plants later to post what my plants look like as of about a week ago.

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