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Thread: Sarracenia cv. 'lochness'

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    Hi folks,

    for ages I've been trying to hunt down Slack's original cultivar Sarracenia 'Lochness'. Is there anybody out there who grows it?

    I know that there are quite a few plants floating around under the name 'Loch Ness' or 'Lochness' -- but all of them seem to be yellow-flowered. Slack's original plant has red flowers.

    From the CP database

    I first made this cross ([[Sarracenia leucophylla {Raf.}] * [Sarracenia minor {Walt.}]]) in 1963 and selected the best seedling with brilliant red petals, calling it S. * ' Lochness ', a name which had to be scrapped when I learned that the cross was already known, named, and occurs in the wild. But since I have seen no other clone of this hybrid, or indeed of any other with such petals, I now this cultivar as [Sarracenia ' Lochness ' {Hort.Slack}]. The concave hood projects almost horizontally forward, and this, together with the entire upper pitcher, is richly variegated with white ' windows ' (no cultivar epithet but here a circumscription of areolae) and delicately pencilled with red veins. The flowers are normally any shade from pinkish mahogany to mahogany red.
    Standard: Insect-Eat.Pl. & How to Grow Them:82 (1986)

    I'm beginning to fear that this apparently fabulous cultivar is lost. Please tell me I'm wrong.


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    Funny you bring this up. I have been looking for the same plant, and myself, have found no sign of it. I hope someone out there knows of it.
    Kevin Peterson
    Grosse Pointe, MI

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