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Thread: Mosquito larvae in pitchers

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    Quote (Colieo @ July 02 2003,11:46)
    Goldtrap, the water gets in the cobras pitchers when the bug is struggling, so the plant just secretes more water to quickly drown it.[/QUOTE]
    yes , but when the bug struggles how does the plant know when to secrete the water , i think the water is absorbed by the rooted , there are'nt any trigger hairs in ciobra lilies ( but there are those guide hairs )

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    I have always heard that movement just makes the plant secrete either digetive juices, or water, to ensure that the insect is drowned quickly. It is like shaking a nep pitcher, that stimulates the pitcher for some reason to keep the liquids in the pitcher more on the acidic level. Maybe the hairs in Cobras are touch-sensitive?

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    Quote (Colieo @ July 02 2003,2:46)
    Maybe they are only the exosckeletons, which means they might have finished metamorphasizing (thats a big word to type! )?[/QUOTE]
    Well, that could be, but I wouldn't think so because they are still fleshy looking and everything, and you can still see the little protrusion that the air tube comes out of. And there is just one live one in there that is exactly the same size and, presumably, age, so I would think that all of them would've metamorphasized by now...
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