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Thread: Some damaged pitchers

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    I took these photos yesterday. Due to lighting, a few did not turn out very good, or at all.

    I didn't get a good image from the other side. This is B/W because the color is really off. Looks better in B/W anyway. During these photos, I was about 6 inches from the bee. I wanted a good photo from the entrance of the trap, but they kept buzzing me when I tried. You can see that the hood has been cut.

    Here you can see the bee as it tries to cut its way out.

    After the bee got stuck, it tried to cut its way out. However, it is now dead and has probably killed this pitcher.

    Here is my wriglyana. You can see that another bee has tried to get out as well. This time eating most of the pitcher. I think it actually ate its way in only to get stuck.

    The sad part is that I put these plants out for two days. I normally bring them indoors and leave them on my back porch. This time I left them out and they got attacked by bees. As of today, I have 4 damaged pitchers and two have holes cut all the way through the sides. I also noticed at 5th pitcher that had a small sweat bee that chewed its way though the side and got stuck. I guess I will have to fill the pitcher with more water.

    Careful where you crawl, it might be a trap!

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    That has happened to me too! and you know what I do? Fix it with tape! Actually it works great for me.

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    uuuhhhhhhh Nick, those look like wasps to me. Neat pictures though. I wouldn't have got within five feet of 'em myself, bees or wasps .
    ---Steve Allinger---

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