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Thread: Propogation

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    About a month and a half to two months ago, I took rizome cuttings of two Sarracenia Purpurea while they were still dormant, to see if they were alive. I put the cuttings in sphagnum peat moss, inside a mini terrarium. It's been almost two months, and they still havn't grown any leaves. How much longer will this take?

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    Hi Nathaniel,
    Hard to say, but the best thing rhizome cuttings are just pot them up like you would a normal Sarracenia with about half the rhizome exposed free of dead leaf bases etc and the shoots will appear. Place the cuttings next to your adult plants and buds normally appear within 4 weeks.

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    Hi demi
    My rhizome cuttings started to grow pitchers and flowers at the same time as my mother plants. My suggestion to you is to just keep treating them like the rest of your plants until this time next year, they might surprise you.
    Good luck

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    I think my cuttings are beginning to rot. The soil really stinks too.

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