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Thread: Question on hybrid parentage

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    In sarracenia hybrids, does the traits of the resultant offspring seeds depend on which species bore the seed. In other words, generally speaking will a hybrid from say s. purpurea pollen onto a s. flava stigma result in similar hybrids to s. flava pollen onto a s. purpurea stigma. Or are there certain traits known to be sex linked?

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    With plants there is no sex linkage as there are no sex chromosomes

    That said there does seem to be some minor trait differences as a result of the parents, for an example you might want to read the blurb acompanying the description of S. 'Scarlete Belle' in the recent CPN. It seems that lueco as the seed parent confers slightly different morphology than psitta. Of course that is only an n=1 which is no even close to scientifically accurate in terms of statistics.
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