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Thread: Pitchers are opening!!!!

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    My two pitchers on my S. flava started opening today. They are just a little over a foot tall. Isn't this a little small? Since I just planted them this spring I figure I may not get realize their full glory. Also my luec has about a 4 inch pitcher that is opening. The other luecs look as though they are going to grow bigger than this before opening. Just wanted to see how I was doing, since this is my first sarracenia experience.

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    Mine just started opening this weekend too, a flava, a (rubra x oreophila) x purpurea, and an unidentified hybrid. I'm not that far from you (Missouri) so I would say everything's going fine. A foot tall pitcher is fine, if you just got the plants this year. It's rare to buy a fully mature plant. It takes several years for Sarracenia to reach full size, but if the first pitchers are a foot tall, it can't be too young. You probably will have to wait two more years to get some really tall pitchers.

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