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Thread: This year's crosses

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    Here is a list of crosses I did this year. Seed I don't keep for myself will be made available to members of this forum come fall.

    Mardi Gras - selfed (something chewed into the ovary a little, so time will tell if I end up with any seed from this)

    rubra gulfensis x moorei - selfed

    moorei "green and white" - selfed

    flava rubricorpora - selfed

    psittacina x swaniana - selfed

    gilpini "anthocyanin-free" - selfed

    Now, onto actual crosses (mom first):

    (oreophila x willisii) x Mardi Gras

    (oreophila x willisii) x (flava x psittacina)

    moorei "green and white" x (rubra x oreophila)

    (flava x psittacina) x (rubra x oreophila)

    (leucophylla x moorei) x (rubra gulf. x moorei)

    Citronelli x (flava x psittacina)

    (catesbaei x minor) x Citronelli

    mitchelliana x Citronelli

    (oreophila x psittacina) x moorei "green and white"

    areolata x flava rubricorpora

    Hummer's Hammerhead x (psittacina x swaniana)

    Extreme Unction x (leucophylla x gilpini)

    Extreme Unction x Ladies In Waiting

    Judith Hindle x (leucophylla x gilpini)

    (leucophylla x gilpini) x alata "nigrapurpurea"

    readii "anthocyanin-free" x gilpini "anthocyanin-free"

    (leucophylla x oreophila) x minor

    In addition, there are probably at least an equal number of flowers I left mother nature to decide; whether I get any seeds from them or not remains to be seen. There are also a few "late bloomers" that I may or may not do something with. I have to admit I've gotten a bit worn out from pollinating every day (I did each cross a minimum of four times - most longer). My back may not take any more. Anyway, there should be enough seed this fall to go around to everyone that wants some, and then some.

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    Truly a staggering amount of work. Our backs ache in sympathy, our knees buckle en mass....

    good work!
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