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Thread: What is the difference?

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    Quote (Spectabilis73 @ July 30 2003,12:12)
    it is a cultivar i think, either that or a var, so you have to destroy the seed[/QUOTE]
    A popular misconseption that needs a little clarification here: You do not have to destroy seeds produced by a cultivar. The fact of the matter is that you can do anything you want with the seeds but you can not call the offspring by the cultivar name as they are genetically different. And there are even some cases where cultivars can be raised from true breeding seeds, like the 'Othello' cultivar of Darlingtonia.


    As Brooks said, all indications are that 'Tarnok' is unable to produce seed or pollen.
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    Hey it'd be nice if tarnoks could produce seed and pollen... but I guess that's how it goes.


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