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Thread: I got 2 questions

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    ok here they are

    1. how long would it take for seedlings about 1 inch high at the most take to mature?

    2. do seedling pitchers grow slowly or fast?

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    What type of pitcher plant are you talikg about? Sarracenia, Heliamphora or Darlingtonia?


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    Hi Joe,
    If your talking about Sarracenia, the seedlings will take about another 4-5 years to reach maturity. If they are Hybrids or S. Purpurea they may mature a little earlier. I have had Purpureas that have matured in only 3 years.

    The seedlings will grow quite quickly and produce up to about 8 pitchers in there first year but they are small and lack any detail. In the second year, the plants I grow usualy produce pitchers up to about 5 inches high. They are just like miniature forms of the adult plant with most venation and other colourings being present. This is probably the most exciting time as you can start to pick out the best marked plants and even one batch of seed can produce variable results!

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