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    Hello all,
    * As I am more versed in other areas of CPs, I thought I'd run this idea by you all. *What I want to do, is create a little mini potted bog. *I have a window box that is about 1.5+ feet by .5+ feet.

    I was hoping to add a whole bunch of temperate CPs to it, and turn it into a mini-CP bog. *Here is the list I was considering:

    1 Green Dragon
    1 Sar. Judith (from PTF)
    1 Sar Leuc (from PTF)
    1 Sar Leuc (Mature, not from PFT)
    1 Sar atlata (young, from Lowe's)
    1 Sar. purpea.(young, from Lowe's)

    now that I look at it, it does seem that this could get crowded [img]http://www.**********.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif[/img] *On that note though, how do these plants handle the crowding? *Pictures I see of wild CPs look rather crowded.

    I was wondering if anyone here has had experience doing this, and have any advice. *The window box is non-draining, but I thought I might add a layer of perlite at the bottom to facilitate air circulation and prevent rot.

    I'll be growing these outdoors in Austin, TX. *Temps range from high 70s to mid 90s. *Humidity is good too(40-60%). *I have been growing a Nep. Coccinea outdoors all summer, and it is thriving.

    I am just seeking some advice from others who might have attempted this before.


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    I live just south of you, it's hotter, and not quite as humid.

    I have a 36" planter with the following in it:

    about 20 flytraps (Various)
    1 S. Lucophylla
    1 S. Orophylla
    1 S. Mardi Gras

    3 S. Purperas

    and I have room for another 20 flytraps...

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