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Thread: Repotting Darlingtonia

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    any help would be great

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    Hi CP Sinc,
    You can read my response in 'Growing Cobra Pitchers' in the topic next to this one.

    Basically, repot Darlingtonia in Feb/March just before growth recommences and for compost, I have had success with a base mix (2/3 of the pot height with Peat: perlite 3:1 with a live planting of Sphagnum moss on top. The potting mix should be semi firm, but taking care not to crush the brittle roots. Then is a good time to remove the runners or stolons to create further divisions of your plant.
    After potting all the plants up, water from above standing in a tray of rain or distilled water with a rose fitted to the spout of the can.
    Do this once a day and your plants placed in a cold greenhouse will love you to bits
    Best Regards

    Mike King

    NCCPG National collection holder of Sarracenia

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