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    I think it is because there are a bunch of growht points (almost on top of eachotehr, so I couldnt really divide), but there are like... ALOT of pitchers, but they are all small, a wee bit thinner than a crayola marker... The biggest pitchers come from the groth point i can see... Ok, anyhow, why are all of my pitcher super prostrate, as opposed to like, only SITTING on the ground, and being like, skyward facing... I mean, the hole should point DIRECTLY up in pithcers, but all of mine are like, sorta slouching I guess... Why is htis? Next spring once all the growth points havve cleared up, and there is just one leaf coming out at a time, and there are snips from winter, I'll cut it up... Good deal. Anyhow, bout the posture thing, any ideas?

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    Are you able to show a picture? But, I know that young plants do that sometimes( like mine).

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