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Thread: Fuzzy rubra?

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    If the plant came from Little Pot of Horrors, there's a good chance that it's an alabamensis. For a while alabamensis was available from tc. When the plant is mature, you'll be able to determine which one it is.

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    Ram Puppy, there's a pubescent leucophylla around but I wouldn't know anywhere that sells it in America. I know there are a couple of places here but they sell for a high price.
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    I would be afraid to get one of those plants. People would come in my dormroom and start pointing and laphing for sure....

    Anyway, so LPOH sells immature plants? My VFT came from them and it's growth has always sugested it came from seed to me. So now it makes more sence. Let me think, it flowerd for the first time this year and I got it... almost 4 years ago. Seems right.
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