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Thread: Alata

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    My plant has a tendencie to put a bunch of pitchers then it waits a while scraps them all and puts up a bunch more. The next set is even bigger than the last. My other plants just do a slow gradul replacement of the old pithcers. Is alata the only one that does something like this.

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    The answer is NO!!!
    Sarracenia Rubra and Leucophylla share this same growth habit. The first spring pitchers are usually quite thin and somewhat smaller. They last from spring into early summer then during mid to late summer they produce a set of real stocky meaty pitchers wich last from autumn through winter. I have an Alata form wich in its early spring pitchers is a terrible plant! They are all thin and scruffy looking, but it more than makes up for it with the autumn pitchers. They are wide thick and very stocky and is then my most faved plant of all!

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