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Thread: Superthrive Success Story(?)

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    Thought I'd add to the snake oil controversy with my personal experience. My sarracennia purpurea was doing not-so-great... the changing light intensity and lower humidity burned nearly all of the leaves when I moved it into my terrarium. Two leaves I simply had to cut off. Compounding it, there was *no* new growth.

    So I go to a hydroponics place, and they're selling this SuperThrive stuff. I put one drop in a gallon of distilled water, and filled my tray up with the solution. It's been half a week and I have two newly emerging leaves.

    By the way, I love how it says "Best product for ANY PURPOSE" on the side of the bottle. Perhaps I should use it to brush my teeth with, or spice up food with... maybe it'll work as a human pheromone.

    Who knows....


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    You do that.

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    Maybe it's just coming out of dormancy?

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    Oh, I see. Ahter you type the symbol for the icon, the icon shows up in the forum. I didn't know that.

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