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Thread: New at growing these.

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    I just got a Sarracenia purpurea and I have never grown one before, I was just wondering if any experienced growers could give me some help and tips. I have grown venus flytraps before and they have turned out fine for the most part.
    Also I wanted to know what i should do if the pitchers have mud in them. Whent hey were shipped to me they were full of soil, should i try and scoop it out or what? All and any help will be much apreciated. Thanx.

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    S. purpurea is very easy and tough, but it likes a cold dormancy period in the winter. Mine live outside year round and flower every year. Probably growing them like a VFT would work, but maybe the rest period should be colder and maybe a tad longer.

    Soil in the pitcher isn't going to hurt the plant, you'll have a whole new flush of pitchers next year anyway so I'd just leave them.


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    You can rinse off the pitchers with some distilled problem there. These are very easy to grow..just keep water in the tray and give them sunlight. And you could drop a mosquito in a pitcher now and then. Don't let the soil dry out.
    Good luck and enjoy your plant!
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