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Thread: Long term rhizome storage?

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    Hello Everyone,

    Upon getting interested in taller Sarracenia species, I purchased some beautiful S. flava, leucophylla, etc. in the early spring. I did some research, and I was under the assumption that 4 hours of direct outdoor sunlight would be enough light for proper growth. I was wrong. There is no part of my property that receives more light than this, and pitchers over the last three months have been thin and weak as compared to existing pitchers. Would I be able to store the rhizomes of these plants long term (approx. 1-2 years) until I am able to give them the proper outdoor conditions? Artificial lighting with these tall guys is very difficult. My concern is that they will exhaust themselves due growing with inadequate light intensity. I was thinking cutting off the pitchers, dusting the rhizomes with a fungicide, and placing them in plastic bags with damp sphagnum. Is this possible?...and should I wait until fall should I be able to do this? Any replies would be greatly appreciated as I would hate to lose these plants. Thank you so much.


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    I don't believe you can store rhizomes for that long. I think 6-7 months is the max. Would it be possible for you to rig up some grow lights outside?? Then the plants would get some indirect sun and some added light from the grow lights. You could even have the lights on a timer and have them come on when the plants lose direct light. Just a thought.


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    4 hours of direct sunlight should be plenty!
    yes they can happily take more, but I cant imagine sarracenia ever getting "weak" from 4 hours of direct sun! they should be fine with that..
    All my sarracdenia are on my balcony, and face East, so they only get direct light in the mornings..I havent ever timed it, but it cant be more than 5 or 6 hours..some with overhanging shelves probably get 4 hours or less..and then once the *direct* sun goes away, the sky is still plenty bright, which still gives them a lot of light, even if it isnt "direct"..
    so to me, the weakness must be due to something other than light levels. 4 hours of direct sun is still a lot of light!

    and no, I dont think you could store them that long..
    5 months dormant would probably be the maximum.


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