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    I am not opposed to feeding anthing to a plant, person, pet, wild long as the food is what would naturally be in their diet. *I think that if there is an alternative that is just as good, it should be looked at though. *But the feeding of things to animals, people, pets that they would not normally eat ( ie. goldfish to a sundew ) is just not a humane way to be.

    The poor animals that had to suffer. *I feel that this was a very cruel thing to do. *No where in nature they would have been subjected to the tortures of what ended up being their fate.

    I understand that in the food chain, these animals are towards the bottom. *I know for many people, there is nothing else to feed your plant, snake, whatever...and that is fine ( I guess ). *It has to be like that. *What I am trying to do, is to come up with ways that will be just as good for the plant. *We all agree that these plants need to we do what we can to make sure they live.

    My other concern that I have is that the people that are running this 'CP Society' should know better. *

    I would expect this from someone who has just started collecting CP's.

    They are turning their site ( and/or society ) into a freak show. *So people can 'ooohhh and awwww' at. That isn't right.

    I would think that the purpose of a CP Society would be to educate, protect and get others to enjoy what these plants have to offer.

    Not create contests to see what does what kind of damage to an animal.

    I agree that no one will agree ( sounds odd ). *But I feel that the problem lies with the fact that these are to be people of principal and not 'evil doers'. *If you want to see horror, go see a movie or go to the jungle and let a animal hunt you down. *

    As much as I do not like things to die ( we all don't I am sure...with some exceptions to a few )...I know it is a way of life. *It will happen and continue to happen probably forever.

    I am not out to offend anyone ( I am not ), I just want to point out that there are the possiblities to feed *your plant. *And even if there are no viable options, small bugs ( that they would normally feed on in the wild ) would be in the next best thing. ( for now )

    I would also like to mention, for those who may question, I like to see the 'middle path' if possible on things. Taking from other paths and creating a new one. *I am not trying to side step an issue....just trying to add a new look to something.

    I am also not out to force my beliefs on anyone...if you enjoying the things that others find not correct, so be it. *I am a very open minded person, and I only bring to the table what I think and feel. *What I offer isn't right or wrong, they are just my thoughts. *I encourage ALWAYS an open debate that does not lead to violence or worse. *Insults happen, but just don't hit below the belt. :smile:


    You have forgotten about what the original point of beef was...the pictures.
    I saw the pictures, then I went further into the site, only to find something I wish I hadn't seen.

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    The mouse? After? That's not something I ever want to see again. Ever.

    Turns out I agree with everything you said. Having closed minds shouldn't cause the end of humankind. And yes, the purpose of a cp society is to further knowledge of cp, and to try to save them from extinction in habitat. I saw little to none of those things on their site.

    BTW, Barry replied to me. He thanked me and showed me a copy of his message to the sdcps--it was much more polite than my emails to sdcps. Shows I have something to learn.

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