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Thread: Holp?!

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    I'm a newbie at growing these babies.
    Got my first plants from the clearance sale here not too long ago. They were doing just fine, putting up plain leaves (not pitchers). They suddenly started getting grayish hairy growth (mold?) on the crowns.
    I repotted the lot in a better mixture of sphagnum, perlite and sand, and have drainage at the bottom, but they didn't get better.
    I bought a fungide and have used that, but still they die.
    any ideas? do I need to get a better fungicide? (it's a generic, but the only thing I could find quickly)

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    What fungucide? Ya never know, could have done more harm than good.

    I use cleary's 3336, seems to get rid of the stuff real quick, with no residual effects so far on any of my plants or seedlings.
    Lithops care info: If you take care of it, it will die.

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