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Thread: Ripening of Sarracenia Seed Pods

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    After being away on a 2-week vacation, a few developing Sarracenia seed pods I have were all dried out. I know they normally don't ripen where I'm at until around Oct. I think my plant sitter may not have given quite enough water to these particular pots. I don't know why else they would've dried out.
    Anyway, my question, does anyone know/think if the seed is still viable? I collected the seeds from one of them and they do look like normal seed, perhaps very slightly smaller than average.
    I wasn't planning on planting anything until late next winter, so I won't know for sure until then. I was just wondering what others thought.

    Oh, and if any one wants some, you can have it with an SASE. Just send me an email or PM. And let me know if you have any germinate.

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    some of your seeds could be OK,
    I had a S. purpurea which died (boo hoo) before the seedpod had finished ripening, I waited till it had dried and collected the seeds (only about 15-20). When I sowed them out,two of them germinated.

    I think if they look OK it's worth giving it a shot, they might grow...

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