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Thread: Sarracenia Seed Germination Techniques

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    I have been reading instructions about germinated Sarracenia seeds. All require a stratification period if the seeds are not fresh. It is also recommended that stratification is needed even if the seeds are fresh. This is mainly to help remove the waxy layer on the seeds and convince them to sprout. The seeds also seem to be queued with light or temperature.

    Has anyone tried to scare the seed coat and just plant the seed. By scaring I mean taking a fine piece of sandpaper or emery cloth and rubbing the seed just enough to scratch into the outer seed layer.

    The seed I am going to try is on is S. flava.



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    Hey Nick,
    I have some Sar seeds currently germinating. I didn't scar them. I used a Jiffy Pot heated seed germinating "green house." It's been about 4 weeks since I've planted the seeds, and I have 5 sprouts (out of around 35 seeds I think). I've heard they can take over a year to sprout, so I'm pretty psyched! I did spray them with some superthrive....
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    Nick your scarification method is another way of getting Saracenia seed to germinate, but startification is FAR better in my expierence. It helps to make the seeds think they are in wainter for a while so it kinda makes them start off in "spring". But this si your expieriment so more power to ya! Go for it and see what comes out of it!

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