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Thread: Still learning about Sarracenia...

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    I have 4 differnt species of Sarracenia hybrids, that I am still trying to possitively ID. Are there any thumbnail galleries out there? All 4 are potted seperately in individual pots with a substrate of peat moss mixture, these were all placed in a 10 gallon tank with a large amount of wet sparghum and orchid moss around the pots, this is used to keep the humidity rather high, 60-70% is this OK? For both Sarracenia and vft's. I have a 2 socket phlorescent fixture fixed across the tank's screen lid with one grow light bulb and one black light bulb. This keeps the temps right around 80F, but that does fluctuate. As I said earlier I am still a little new to the whole green thumb deal. But I would appreciate any help, thanks a lot!

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    go to Carnivours plant FAQs, and fromt here go to Galleria Carnivora...
    I dont have the link, but you should have NO trouble finding it on Google...

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    Dear Tiliqua,
    Long term, your plants will not survive as 80 degrees F is more ideal for Nepenthes, but certainly not Sarracenia or VFT. The plants you have a warm temeperate climate zone plants and that means cold nights! I would recommend if possible placing them in a greenhouse, but that also depends where you live! You maybe fortunate enought o live in a place where you could grow these with success outside!

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    Hi Tiliqua

    If you are growing sarracenia in a tank, I'd think they would soon outgrow it. They can get quite tall. I purchased a small sarra 'unknown' hybrid last spring that was about 6" tall and it wasn't long before I had pitchers about 12" tall. S. purpurea pitchers are shorter and "squattier" and tend to grow outward and lay close to the ground so they could probably fit comfortably in a tank.

    As for temps, all my VFTs and sarras were grown outdoors in Virginia summer weather which averages in the 80s but can get into the 90s+. They all did fine. There were no special provisions for humidity...just wet, boggy soil conditions.

    VFTs don't require high humidity...they can grow very well just out in a pot with good light and wet soil. Some people think they must grow their VFTs in a tank for high humidity but its not necessary.

    All my outdoor CPs came thru winter just fine enduring temps into the low 20s. My S. pupurea pitchers only had some light browning and turned a beautiful deep maroon color. They are hardy little buggers. :-) Even the other sarras only browned at the top but the bases remained green all winter. And I had some VFTs than remained green as well.

    I don't know where you live but if you have the option, you might want to try growing them outdoors where they aren't limited by the height of the tank.

    Good luck!

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