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Thread: My future sarracenia

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    Hey guys! How you doing? My name is Erick and I'm kind of new on all this so...I was just wondering which sarracenia is best suited for me? You see, it's my first sarracenia (I'm a nepenthes guy) so I'm kinda' new with these plants (I haven't ordered any yet). You see I live on a tropical island (Puerto Rico) and the sun here kills!!!! So are they strong for different kinds of environments? I mean strong or harsh environments... I was thinking of buying a S. leucophylla X willisii (the red) but I wasn't sure enough if it was strong or resistant. So what plant do you guys recomend for me? Well that't all for now. Oh, and answer me as soon as possible. I'm desperate for one

    Erick Javier
    Mom says: "Its stupid to collect plants that all look alike! Get a new hobie!"

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    hello erick , welcome to the forums . if you can take care of neps then you can take care of all sorts of cps . all sarracenia are easy to take care of , more easier then neps . they love sun and lots of water and they love humidity but they don't really need it . if your gonna get sarracenia i'd say start a bigger collection with venus flytraps , sundews , bladderworts and butterworts . they will grow happly whjere you live , but they will need dormancy requirments but you can improvise it with a refrigerator .

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