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Thread: Is it too cold outside

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    I potted up my PFT rhizome sale plants (S. leuco., S. purp., S, catsbaei, S. wriglyana) and put them outside on my west facing patio in their "mini greenhouse" the other day. It's about 35-40*F in my area of MN now so I didn't fill the trays with water I'm just letting the soil be wet right now as I've heard waterlogged soil will not allow them to breathe in this cold time of the year.

    My question is: is it too cold for them to be outside from now on (It shouldn't get down to freezing anymore this year plus it is a bit warmer in the cold frame since there's no wind factor) and also when is it ok to start watering them normally. So far they look OK but I'm just asking cos I'm new at "spring planting".

    Thanks for any thoughts!

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    I would have higher temps at this piont in the year, but I wouldnt worry , and dont waterlog them to much, they need it a wee bit drier in the winter moths, but increase as the weather gets warmer,
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    Right now I stick my plants outside on the nice days and bring them back in at night. My thought is that they came out of a greenhouse in Texas, which is warmer than my night temps here in Colorado. So sticking them outside during cooler days and cold nights, before they are adapted to the new environment, might put them into shock. I would get the plants adjusted to the cooler conditions gradually and they should be fine.
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