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Thread: S.purpurea dying a slow death...

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    Hi all,

    I have a Sarracenia Purpurea. It was growing very well and producing many healthy pitchers until 1 mth ago. I noticed a fuzzy, whitish soot-like growth near the base of the dead pitchers. I promptly removed the dead pitchers and sprayed the plant with Captan. But the white stuff continued to come back and now my plant's left with very few pitchers. The white stuff's now at the crown of my plant, and some pitchers are green on top but brown (and possibly dead) at the bottom, and the white stuff's all over the brown parts. I have kept spraying the plant with Captan but it doesn't help. So I repotted the whole plant (it was in pure LFS before) into a peat/sand/perlite mix topped with chopped LFS. No use, white stuff keeps coming back.

    Ok, I know it's prob a fungus problem, but is there any chance it's becos it's going dormant? Is there anyway I can get rid of thie white stuff? Captan doesn't work, and I'm not overspraying it... I keep it to once every 2 weeks.


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    Are you sure the white stuff is fungus, and not possibly mealybug? I've had mealybug attack Sarrs. at the roots, actually living virtually under water! Try using an insecticide.


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