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Thread: many problems...

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    the day after my judith hindle arrived, i fed it an inch long cricket. it kept coming out, so i pushed it in with a pencil eraser. it fit in tightly around the pitcher. but now, theres a brown spot where the cricket is. there has been a rotting smell for a couple days, but i noticed the brown spot today. is the pitcher rotting?? because jeff said the pitcher would be fine. also, one of the pitchers that is developing, (the lid has opened almost fully) but im seeing some yellow around the edge. i dont think humidity shouldnt be a problem, since im in houston, and i placed the pot in a small bowl with rain water, and placed the bowl in a bigger plastic container, filled with water to keep the bowl and the pot cool. i thought it should help with the humidity too. the water in the plastic container is tap water, but its lower than the bowl, so the tap water is not going into the pot. it has been in direct sun with my vfts, covered my a mosquito net thing, which is supposed to go in front of my door. it has been laying around, so i thought it would block a little of the sun coming at the plants. so please help!

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    i dont think you need to worry that much at all. the pitcher it self may die but your plant will grow several new pitchers later,if its in the right conditions.

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