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Thread: sarr cuttings/crown sep.

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    hello are there any crown separation/ cuttings guides? i have a sarr puparae, i looks quite hard to separate, unlike droseras, do i need a sissors to cut the crowns into peices? i would like 2 make more sarrs in case my "main" sarr dies of an infection.
    is it possible to leave cuttings in water for the roots to form?
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    This is how I divide my Sarracenia.

    Step One:
    I carefully remove the soil from the plant. Usually I let water wash away the soil.
    Step Two:
    Use a sharp knife to cut through the rhizome (the bulb like structure under the soil). Usually you can tell from where the plant has divided from. It looks like two seperate set of plants are growing from the rhizome. When you cut, cut from the top and down through the rhizome. Make sure each new set of plants has some roots.
    Step Three:
    I like to soak the cuttings in a rooting hormone, such as Superthrive. However, there has been much debate on this forum on the effectiveness of Superthrive. You do not need to soak it, I just like to do so.
    Step Four:
    Plant your newly divided plants into the proper soil mix.

    One last note, usually growers divide their plants in early spring.

    Goodluck with your divisions!

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