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Thread: Cobra Lily Query

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    I bought one of those typical Cobra Lilies from Lowes and I would like to banter a few ideas around, with regard to its care, when Spring arrives. First of all, I live in the Reading, Pa. area and work in an environmental laboratory. This means I have free access to deionized water. I have heard some people use the phrase,"reverse osmosis water." Is that the same thing? Also, I have read that the water given off by an AC unit is deionized. Is that true? Would it be feasible to place my Cobra Lily such that it would receive this water? I also have a creek tributary right behind my residence. Could I place my plant in or near this tributary? What other CP's could be placed outdoors for the summer in or near the water's edge? Currently, I have VFT's, an unidentified Lowes Nepenthes, a D. Adelae, P. Primuliflora, S. Purpurea, S. Rubra, and several D. Spatulata. Who is Botanical Gardens - the name on the Lowes CP containers? Who is "Little Pot Of Horrors" - the name on the containers from Home Depot?

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    Hi jimscott,
    I can answer some of your questions on the water.

    Deionized water has been passed through a type of resin filter(s) that remove charged or ionizable organic or inorganic salts through a process of ion exchange.

    Reverse Osmosis water has been passed through a semi-permeable membrane under pressure. Water molecules can pass through the micropores in the membrane, but most impurities can't.

    Water given off by an AC is closer to being distilled water. It is the moisture that condenses out of the air on to the cooling coils of the AC. Much like steam is condensed for distilled water. If you use water from your AC, be sure that the coils and drip tray are clean. These are good growing places for mold/fungus that could cause problems for your plants.

    The water in the creek may be usable. You should have it tested for TDS (total disolved solids) before using it on your plants. I believe anything with a TDS over 100 is considered to hard for regular use on CPs. Shouldn't be a problem placeing your plants near it though as long as they don't get a lot of water splashed on them (that's assuming the water is too hard to use for watering them).
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