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Thread: Interspecies coexistance

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    Greetings all. I guess this is my first post on the board. Here's a little backgroud:

    I'm in Minneapolis, MN. I have been "growing CP"* for... gosh... a few years now. Lesse... I subscribed to ICPS newsletter in '97... I must have started in '95.
    I just did the usual business of starting out with a VFT, D. adelae, S. purpurea. My collection grew and shrunk, I've had quite a few -about 35 plants at largest (Heli, Ceph, Nep, Sarr, Dros, Dionea), but not really one specific plant for very long except one (or) two Nepenthes and a doggone stubborn Pinguicula.
    I always became too lazy to maintain my plants throughout the year, so they usu. ended up not surviving through the winter. Pure neglect on my part. Now all I have left is my very first Nep that I bought from California Carnivores which may be dead (I think it's in a coma) and a Nep that was brought home from a market in Amsterdam -the plant simply will NOT refuse to die. I also somehow hung on to this 'ping... not sure what the deal is with that plant.
    I have been out of the "full time" CP scene for a year or two. I was living at an apartment with a Nep chamber which was keeping my Neps and my 'ping alive. Suddenly (maybe to cope with a snowy winter in MN?) I have become enamoured with CP again -it certainly makes spring seem to come quicker-.
    I did recently go to a garden store and buy a tissue cultured collection of some CP. Sarr, Dros, Ping for my birthday. I also picked up a poor, sad little abandoned puppydog-esque Nepenthes (poor thing was sequestered with a few Neps in a dark corner of the greenhouse).

    So enough of that.
    My point is this:
    I, for some time, have been wanting to plant some Sarracenia in a big pot outside my house (some of you may say I want to make a mini-bog, but I think people call big pots "mini-bogs" to make it sound cooler).
    I think this spring I will finally follow through with this pot-err... "micro bog."

    I would like to know what experience y'all have had with planting multiple Sarrs in the same pot thingy. I was thinking
    -Flava, Leucophylla, Purpurea, Minor and/or something like Rubra/Oreophila/some rare endangered subspecies (jonesii, oreo, alabam)/or a Hybrid like Judith Hindle -I grew a Judy H as one of my first outdoor experiments and it LOVED the Minnesota summer (hot/warm and quite humid at times) which is why I think this little project may work.
    Most likely no more than 4 plants, I could see overcrowding issues arising.
    Does one specific species dominate the others? (flava)
    Will one species simply refuse to grow in the close proximity of other species?

    FYI, the pot will be a generic "really big pot" size. Smaller diameter than a generic gargage can, though... unless someone comes up with a convincing argument. I am looking in to "landscaping" of the medium in order to fulfill water requirements.

    Any input would be appreaciated!
    In case the wordieness of this post has confused you, here's the appreviated version:
    Can I grow more than one species (four or five) of Sarracenia in the same big pot thingy/micro bog?


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    Different species can grow together, but I'd try to keep the really tall ones and the really short ones separate.
    Bruce in CT

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    Hi and welcome to the forums!!

    Yes you can mix many kinds of sarrs in the same pot. If you do mix tall (Flava, Leucophylla) and short (purpea, psittacina) try to put the shorter ones in the front. That way you'll be able to see them and they'll be able to get enough light. Your choices of sarrs all sound good to me. I highly recommend Judith Hindle as it is a very beautiful pitcher plant. You may have trouble getting S. oreophila since it has some strict rules regarding the sales of it. I don't remember them all, but i believe it cannot be sold as a plant across state borders and i think there's even limitations on the seed sales. So you might not want to mess with trying to get it. Good luck and enjoy!


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