Hello everyone

As some of you already know, we are planning a charity auction to benefit the now-forming National Sarracenia Collection (stop by and vote on the name!).

I wanted to give everyone a heads-up so you can be thinking of what you might like to donate to the auction.

More details will be forthcoming...we are still hammering out the time period and details. But in general, people can offer a plant or any other item you think someone would be interested in. People can bid on the items and the highest bidder wins the plant or item. The money will go into a fund to support the new (non-profit) sarracenia conservation project.

There will be a time period for people to make their submissions to the auction. The auction will run probably for a week so most people will have a chance to browse and bid.

Although this may give you an opportunity to acquire some plants or items you'd like to have, please bear in mind the point of this auction is not to "buy" a plant but to DONATE to a worthy cause and get a little something in return. You may of course donate more than one item! Be generous...bid often!

Again, more details will be provided soon. We'd love to have a LOT of participation and have a lot of fun too. Plants are always popular but if you don't have a plant to offer, anything that will bring a bid ($$$!) is welcome. Be creative--artwork, garden tools, special soil mix, gift card to Lowes, CP "starter" kit, ping leaves for propagation, etc. Think out of the box!

***Please note that any plants offered MUST conform to all CITES and phytosanitary laws if plants transfer between states or countries.***

Thanks everyone and I hope to see ALL of you participating in the auction. Its a great way to contribute to this cause if you feel you can't in other ways.