Hello Everybody

We now have the the NEW, REVISED name poll up in the forum for the now-forming Sarracenia project. It is located in the new National Collection forum set up just for this project.

Again, I apologize for having to interrupt the previous poll but we got two additional entries to add. I think out of these 8 choices, one will fit quite well and we want EVERYONE to have their chance to support their favorite choice.

Please vote for the name you believe fits the organization's goals the best. I think the differences are subtle between "conservation" and "preservation" and "foundation" and "society", etc. All the suggestions are pretty close on the money. So choose the one you think is most appropriate and *effective in its use* for naming this burgeoning group.

This poll will run until late Thursday evening, March 11th.

Please, everyone...from newbies to experienced, Sarracenia nut to Nepenthes nut, this is for ALL our benefit so CAST YOUR VOTE...let your voice be heard!

*You do not have to be actively involved in this project to vote.*

I would like to also draw your attention to the fact that some other important business is now open on the Sarracenia Project forum involving nominating officers and commissioners so we can get going. Please take a moment to read those topics as well and share your thoughts. This is a group effort...speak your mind! We need ALL of your input to make this work.

Thank you all for your patience and support during our growing pains.