Alrighty!! Hi everybody!

Sorry for the long delay everyone. Patrick/Trashcan has been working with some auction software for awhile now and unfortunately it all seemed to be a bit buggie, so we are going ahead and holding the auction here on TerraForums. The auction will be open to anyone; you do not have to be a member of TF to bid. So its open to Listserv members, CPUK, GardenWeb and any other person from the general public. The only requirement to list (donate) an item or bid on an item is a desire to help out the North American Sarracenia Conservancy (NASC). Spread the word!

This is an unofficial, GENERAL outline of the auction rules. These may be revised prior to the auction but the official rules will be posted at the start of the auction. This is just to give you a heads-up and an idea of how things will work so you can be thinking of what you want to list.

The auction will be held in a special forum created just for that purpose. The auction will be open with a LISTING PERIOD of one week for people to post their offerings (Mon., May 10th-17th listing period). This will give everyone, including those who donít get onto the computer too often, a reasonable chance to get their contribution posted. There is to be NO BIDDING at that time! Any bids made will be deleted. This time period is solely for accumulating the auction items and for viewing. Feel free to check in often and view the items to see whatís being offered. Hopefully it will grow during the week. It will be your responsibility to actually READ all the official rules once they are posted! Please make SURE you read them all PRIOR to committing a bid!

The ACTUAL AUCTION will start Monday, May 17th and run through May 24th. That is a one week period to get in your bids. Bid increments will be set (we canít have people upping bids by a penny). There will also probably be a low reserve set just so each items sells for a reasonable amount (reserves are a minimum bid; if the reserve isnít met or surpassed, the item doesnít sell). We want everyone to have a chance to get a ďbargainĒ but the purpose of this auction is to raise money for the newly formed NASC so we can get all the legal mumbo jumbo taken care of and get our non-profit status. So we have to get SOMETHING for each item.

Please understand that if you are HIGH BIDDER at auction close, you are fully responsible for paying for what you won. Please donít be a deadbeat bidder--this is a CHARITY event. If you canít pay right away, then donít bid. There will be a reasonable time period set for getting your payment sent in. If payment isnít received, the item may be relisted and sold to someone else. Payment will go direct to Paul/Casper who right now is acting treasurer (until we actually have money to worry about). ALL proceeds will go to benefit NASC.

Please donít be offended or angry if someone (a forum member or friend) bids against you and outbids you. Again, this is for charity and fun and anything goes in an auction. High bidder wins. If you really want a particular item, bid often and HIGH!

Each item listed will be an individual post. All bids for that item will take place in that thread. Iíd like to ask that you not make ďchit chatĒ posts . We donít want anyone to have to read through pages of talk to find the bids. Its ok to make a comment or two in your listing post or bid post but keep it short!

Its best if you can post a photo of what you are offering so people can see what they would be getting. If you canít host your own photo, try to find someone who can. If you absolutely canít post a photo, please give a VERY detailed description of the item (size, color, species, age, condition, etc.). We donít want anyone disappointed after they receive their item.

I think the person donating the item will be responsible for the shipping (as part of their donation) but Iíve got to discuss that with others. Will get back to you on that one.

You are free to offer ANYTHING you think will bring money. It doesnít have to be a plant. Be creative. While plants/seeds may be the most popular, there are many other things that might pique someoneís interest (tools, lights, T-shirts, mugs, books, soil mixes, artwork, etc.) Just make sure that all offerings are LEGAL and meet any kind of requirements for interstate or out-of-country shipping/transference. You do have a right to state ďU.S. bidders only.Ē be thinking. If you have any questions, please post them here. We need to make sure all bases are covered PRIOR to the actual auction.

Thanks for your patience. NASC is in its infancy so we have a long ways to go. And thank you for your support of NASC and SPECIAL thanks to PHIL CRANE for all his help and support!

(Sorry but I will be posting this long monster in several forums.)

Again, spread the word to all plant lovers/conservationists/earth people you know! We need lots of donations!