Hey another SJ guy! And with a watergarden too!
Great looking pond and CP bog...great looking rocks. I also don't like my rock necklace, but I was too lazy. I really like the look of your pond without the necklace and the CP's next to it. Beautiful.

I have had thoughts of making a cp bog. I would like to incorporate it with the pond, but I dunno. I guess one big thing I'm afraid of is the water for the cp's. If I'm going to build a cp bog, I would probably have to go for an RO unit. I'm not yet ready to commit to that. Life used to be much simpler when I had one pitcher plant and not knowing any better I just watered it with tap water. It did fine, but now I only water with DI, and it's a bit of a headache. Not to mention a few extra bucks.

I only had my hole in the ground for a couple of years, and I thought that was bad... 7-8yrs. Wow. You have more patience than me.


p.s. another great forum (for water gardeners is at awgs.org)