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Thread: Sarracenia rubra ssp. alabamensis

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    Hello all,
    Since it has been nearly a year, I thought I would check up on how yours are doing... Please list:
    Size upon arrival (at least approx?)
    Which clone(s)
    did they flower?
    how tall are they now?
    did you give dormancy?
    where are they growing?
    What do you feed?
    What are they growing in? (media, pot, bog, etc)
    Please post pictures if possible, I will later today.

    I am back..

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    My #3 has started the season by growing ~5"+ pitchers and I cut off the flower bud that had formed. It's too small to be allowed to bloom. It's slightly pubescent.

    My #1 looked good at the end of dormancy, started new pitchers, and then seemed to die. After no new pitchers appeared, I removed it from its pot. I didn't see any evidence of insect damage and found ~1/2 of the roots seemed healthy. But the crown didn't have a "lively" look. I repotted it and am hoping for the best.

    The plants are both in a mix of LFS and lava rock. They had shared a 15" self watering pot. They live outside, on top of a rail fence, so I never feed them. They spent the winter under a leaf pile with all my other Sarrs.
    Bruce in CT

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