Anyone interested in going to Venezuela to see the heliamphora and perhaps the most spectacular landscape on the planet?

From August till January, I'm taking part in a 5 month expedition, consisting of 5 x 3-4 week phases. We need (at least) just one further member for the team.

So if you have 3 weeks (or more) spare, and want to learn more about the Heliamphora species, their ecology and habitat, join the expedition and visit Roraima, Kukenan, Yurani, Ilu, Tramen, Ptari, Aparaman, Akopan, Chimanta, Aprada, Auyan, Neblina and Huachamaracare.

All costs will be split equally. No previous mountaineering experience required just a desire and determination to experience this extraordinary part of the world.

For further information please contact me;