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Thread: Sarracenia seed giveaway is now open

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    I'm just about done harvesting, so I figured I'd start this thing off. Here's how it'll work: you send me an SASE, and I'll send you a bunch of seeds. Pretty simple, huh? I have almost literally a ton of seed this year. Based on how many envelopes I get, will determine how many different kinds of seed you get. Some crosses didn't yield much seed, some yielded more than i know what to do with. Also, I had some laptop issues that caused me to lose some of the information on the crosses I did, so there is some seed where only the mother parent is known. Thirdly, the bees were pretty active this year, and flowers I didn't do anything with yielded a ton of seed. Instead of sorting those particular seeds out, I put them all together and am just calling them mixed species/hybrids - open pollinated. I'm sure everyone will get some of those, since I have an envelope nearly filled with seed from those. There should be some very interesting plants coming out of those. I'm certainly going to keep a bunch for myself, just to see what crosses the bees did. Anyway, I like to ramble, so here's my address:

    Aaron Carlson
    505 12th Ave. W
    Menomonie, WI 54751

    I'll keep the offer open until Nov. 3. Any letters received after that date will just get tossed (sorry, but I had some "issues" with a few late arriving envelopes last year). I think this should give everyone plenty of time. Also, no requests for particular seeds. After the 3rd, everyone will get a random selection of seeds based on how many envelopes I get, and how many different kinds of seeds I end up with. To get an idea of what crosses there are, you can look for the other seed giveaway post in the pitcher plant forum. The list has changed somewhat, but it's pretty accurate. anyway, good luck.

    p.s. please remember to send an SASE. last year, a couple of people apparently forgot. i was happy to oblige though, but may not this year, unless it's only a couple of people.

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    Oh, wow! Just what I need! Sar seeds... I'll have many a seedling to put in my NEW bog next spring!

    S.A.S.E away!
    Woo hoo!

    By the way, I moved this over to the trade forum.
    17 Nash Rd.
    North Salem, NY 10560

    YOU! Outta my gene pool!

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