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Quote[/b] (FlytrapGurl @ Feb. 05 2005,4:49)]I'm betting it came in a square plastic pot with no drainage holes, yes? Okay, get a regular, round plastic pot with drainage holes and some Canadian sphagnum peat and some perlite, mix them 2:1, dampen the mixture with distilled, RO, deionized or pure rain water, plant the purp in that, put a tray of some sort underneath it (clean plastic or glass, no metal), make sure the soil is always damp with one of the four waters listed above, and try to get it somewhere in direct sunlight most of the day. Mist it with the same water you water it with often to keep it humid, maybe keeping your dome over it, but only at night, because if you have it over the plant during the day, it will do like sunlight through a magnifying glass aimed at a bug and fry it. Make sure then pitchers are always at least half-filled with water so it can digest any bugs it catches. During the winter months (mid-November to January or February), gradually give it less and less sunlight until it only gets a little a day, same with the water and misting, and this is called dormancy, which many CPs need at this time of year. Towards the end of the dormancy period, gradually increase it's sunlight, water and misting until those levels are back to normal, and repeat the cycle the next winter.

TIP: Before putting soil mixture in pot, get a coffee filter, trim it to just larger in circumference than the pot, then put it in the bottom of the pot. This keeps the soil from coming out the drainage holes.

Good luck, and welcome to the forums! Embrace the Insanity!!!
FTG gave you good advice.

I generally use LFS instead of a coffee filter to line the bottom of the pot... I imagine the filter would either clog over time, or break down completely.

I have a S purpurea rescued from Lowe's (every time I see a display with those little plastic plant prisons, I have to rescue one or two of them...) sitting on my desk at work. *The air at work is air conditioned and fairly dry, but the plant is doing great despite that, and I use no dome. *I do keep it in a tray of water, which certainly boosts the local humidity.

The desk is a great place for me to bring ailing plants; 24-hr bright lights.


There is a picture of my purp at work; the foreground plant is U livida.
boy people must think you;re wierd [img]http://www.**********.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/new/smile_n_32.gif[/img] *to himslef* I wonder if I can get lights setup in my Locker?