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Adding my thoughts on the subject here.

Sarracenia 'Dana's Delight' is a hybrid Sarracenia which contains the species: S. purpurea, S. psittacina, S. flava and S. leucophylla in varying combinations. S. 'Dana's Delight' has been sold and marketed by many reputable retailers and wholesalers as S. leucophylla "red" for two primary reasons.
1) As a marketing tool, offering a beautiful red form of a pure S. leucophylla which entices cp purists.
2) The grower/seller wasn't clear on the background of what S. 'Dana's Delight' was or just didn't care to label them as such.

Regardless of how many ways you look at it..S. 'Dana's Delight' is not a pure leucopylla red form and should not be referred to as such. It is not a pure S. leucophylla. It is a complex hybrid that contains S. leucophylla in it's parentage, once or maybe even twice along with 3 other species.

wickedthistle: If you want to properly id your cross and keep your records straight you should label your resulting offspring as: (S. x'Judith Hindle' X S. x'Dana's Delight'). If you were to label it as (S. x'Judith Hindle' X S. leucophylla "red" or red) you would be misleading yourself, the growing community or whomever you share your plants with by advertsing that the other half of your cross was a red form of leucophylla.

The S. x willisii sport that was used in the making of 'Dana's Delight' showed very little S. psittacina influence in pitcher structure. It's primary contribution was color and areolae. Crossing this hybrid with S. leucophylla and then crossing the best sport of this cross AGAIN with S. leucophylla produced the plant we now know as 'Dana's Delight' which is confusing everyone. True Sarracenia afficianados can easily see the hybrid influence.

wickedthistle: Your choice of crossing 'Judith Hindle' with 'Dana's Delight' will produce a stunningly colored hybrid. You should expect many of the seedlings to produce taller/thinner 'Judith Hindle' type pitchers with a less flaring hood in rich tones of red, pink, and fuschia. Some will be solid burgundy. But...because of the gene pool comprised in both parents you can also expect some varying degree of pitcher height and hood flaring. Grow your seedlings in very strong light to get the best colors. Your efforts will be greatly rewarded.

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