Good Bugs! *Buy a second plant for your collection and part with lots of your money at the up and coming NASC auction. Then you could have S. flava var. cuprea with a wash of red in the throat and S. flava var. cuprea with a red throat. You want to bid on this plant. *You need this plant. *This plant has your name on it. Cha ching! *Cha ching! *That's the sound of a cash register accepting your money.

By the way- Sarracenia 'Copper Lid' (Schnell ex Hort.Slack) [flava cuprea] Registered 10. 11. 1998 (JS)

It is 'Copper Lid'
just as
It is S. flava var. cuprea

Does anyone have any idea on the 'Green Surprise' thingie? Looks as if Green Surprise may actually be a registered cultivar.